Coorg Diaries


Hey guys, do you all love monsoon like I do? If you just answered yes, then you might like this gist of my monsoon hike 🙂

So it all started when me and a couple of friends were getting really tired of the chaotic city life. Even a day away from the city madness looked like a bliss. After hours of research, we decided to head to Coorg. Few of you might ask what’s new in Coorg? It’s a regular hill station with coffee plantations. Let me stop you right there. The place we decided on was something new. A place hidden in the rain forests. A place that isn’t commercialized. A place so far and secluded that you won’t find cell reception.


So we decided to leave the city as early as 3 a.m. to avoid the weekend rush. The drive from Bangalore to Coorg is pretty pleasant. We did take a coffee break,  to witness the beautiful sunrise. There is something about witnessing the sun rise from a country side 🙂

Lush fields and coffee plantations welcomed us with a slight drizzle 🙂 we reached our home stay (which we did book a few days in advance) by 11 a.m. The hosts were kind enough to greet us to some piping hot coffee while we got dressed for our hike. We’d seen pictures of the home stay online, but trust me, nothing comes close to the actual view. Crickets and birds chirping almost like they were singing and dancing to that impeccable scenic view. The Athena home stay is nested within a 2-acre property. Fragrant coffee estate and luscious orange tree’s cocoon the home stay.  IMG_20170729_111032-01

Before heading out for our trail we decided to stroll by the lake right outside the Homestay. Light breeze, drizzle and the smell of coffee drifted us to a dream world. It sure as hell looked like one of those Bollywood locations right out of a Yash Chopra movie.


The trail was about 10kms away from our stay. We drove to the location and started right away. Since it’s located in the rain forest area expect rain/drizzle all the time. We did have an umbrella, but it didn’t serve the purpose because of the strong winds.


There are approximately 600 steps to reach halfway. You can witness the beauty of mallalli falls at different altitude at every step.  It can be slippery considering the continuous rain, but the view and experience is totally worth it.we spent about an hour or 2 at the falls and climbed back to the starting point. Vendors serving hot tea/coffee are a common sight. If you are lucky enough, you might find piping hot Maggi and omelet.




Here is a vlog of our entire trip to mallali falls 🙂
can’t wait to get back to explore more 🙂
If you do visit, keep the place clean and green 🙂

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