Fall/Autumn Makeup


It”s officially fall. The weather is just perfect. Not too warm, not too cold. Autumn, like we call it in India, has to be my favorite time of the year. The colours of fall, warm, cozy outfits, the smell of crisp cold fresh breeze.. ummmm what’s not to like about it? right?

Another reason why i love this time of the year is coz of all the warm shades i can play with.  I’m more confident when it comes to warm shades as it compliments my skin tone perfectly. This time I wanted to do something more than using plum/ burgundy shades.

I sat looking at my makeup collection and saw shades I’d never experimented with. Shades of yellow and orange. Instantly i knew i wanted to create a look with these eyeshadows.


This is the final look i came up with and i’m so glad i used those shades. Love how this turned out 🙂
watch the video to know each step in detail.

Let me know what you guys think 🙂

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