5 Must-Have Beauty Products On A Rainy Day

Hey Hipsters, how is the monsoon treating you? Don’t you just love when it’s drizzling and everything around you looks so lush?

well, I love getting out in rain, except when you’re all dressed up and a little drizzle can ruin your makeup.

so here is my 5 go to products come hail or rain!


We ignore this essential product as soon the summer ends. Remember to use sunscreen every time you step out. You need a good amount to protect your skin even in the monsoons.  I love a good waterproof sunscreen that can last on my face without washing away. My absolute favorite is the one from lotus. This is perfect for everyday use and is matt.



A good eyeliner can save the day when it’s pouring and you don’t want a face made up completely. Whether you love glossy or matt liner, make sure it’s waterproof. You don’t want to look like a panda with a smudged liner. I absolutely love Maybelline Hypergloss Liner. With a perfect precision tip, it’s super easy to get the look you want.



If you’re someone like me, you know you can’t step out without Kajal/kohl. I swear by Faces Kajal. They are affordable and once they set, they don’t smudge for 4-5 hours. However, there are way too many options in the market these days and you should definitely check out what works for you. Just make sure you try it on your hand and try smudging it after a few seconds before you buy. If it stays put, you are good. If you love experimenting, you should definitely try their colored kajal pencils.




If you want to look cute and presentable, but don’t have time or energy to use a liner or Kajal, just curl your lashes and let the mascara do its magic. Trust me, it’s 100% effective. A good mascara can make your eyes look bigger and brighter. Maybelline Hyper Curl Mascara (waterproof) and Maybelline Falsies Mascara (waterproof)  is what I reach for. They Hold the curl for the longest time and stays put even in the rain.



I’m a sucker for liquid lipsticks. Once applied you can forget about it for hours. No touch ups required. No smudges and bleeding. Find what’s comfortable for you and what suits you. psst… I also use my liquid lipstick as my blush. Works like a charm. Looks natural and you need the tiniest amount. Just a drop works. If you are not comfortable with liquid lipsticks, you can always try lip tints. They stain your lips and looks natural. My drugstore favorite lipstick has to be haute latte from colorbar. They don’t dry or crack your lips and looks stunning on everyone.



So that’s my go-to products for those gloomy rainy days. What’s your must-have for the season? let me know 🙂

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