How To Layer Up A Summer Dress For Monsoon

Hey guys, how have you been? enjoying the monsoon?

There is something about this amazing weather that makes life beautiful. The smell of rain,a cozy corner with a book and tea,listening to the rain drops, i just love everything about monsoon. However, as much as i love staying bundled up in my pajamas all day,i’m not yet ready to give up on my summer dresses. Do you also feel like it’s too soon to keep those pretty dresses locked up? I know that feeling girl! i do!

so here are few ways you could rock that summer dress in monsoon πŸ™‚


This black low cut dress is perfect for a night out. But during monsoon, you could pair it up with a contrast tee like i did πŸ™‚ Throw on a baseball cap if you’re feeling sporty.


If it’s a little chilly out,you can add a cover up. I used a button down kurti with embroidery to glam up a little. you can mix and match whatever you have in your wardrobe πŸ™‚


I absolutely loved that pop of colour the kurti-turned jacket added to this dress.



it’s also the perfect transition to fall colours. olive seems to be the colour of this season.


so go get those dresses out. mix and match and play around with those colours πŸ™‚


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