How To Layer Up A Summer Dress For Monsoon

Hey guys, how have you been? enjoying the monsoon? There is something about this amazing weather that makes life beautiful. The smell of rain,a cozy corner with a book and tea,listening to the rain drops, i just love everything about monsoon. However, as much as i love staying bundled up in my pajamas all day,i'm… Continue reading How To Layer Up A Summer Dress For Monsoon


Healthy November ft.Popular Essentials

hey hipsters, hope you all are doing great 🙂 fall is officially over and it's sweater weather again 🙂 I absolutely love snuggling with a mug of hot tea and some warm cookies. well, who doesn't? apart from all the snuggling and late mornings, the reason why I love sweater weather so much is I… Continue reading Healthy November ft.Popular Essentials